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My Music Journey


About Me

My name is Alvaro Jimenez, born and raised in Ecuador until the age of 9 years old. My grandfather was a violinist who started a group called ‘Hermanos Castro’ with his siblings. They traveled all over Ecuador and South America playing traditional Ecuadorian music during the 50’s, right through the 70’s.
You could say music is in my blood.

I arrived in New Jersey, USA July 1977. I was immediately hooked to the many genres played on the US air waves. Radio was so different back in the days.
When I entered high school, my brother and friends launched a DJ crew, which was the cool thing to do back then. Inspired by the many midday, late night mixes and great clubs in the tri-state area, they would come over and practice on my dad’s stereo system. Listening to their sessions made me practice secretly and I would begin to develop a passion for the art of mixing. As my confidence grew, my brother would allow me to mix during their events. Searching to create my own identity and gigs, I teamed up with some friends & Alvaro (Mr. X) emerged.
  • Started many local (NJ) weekly parties and major concerts from 1985 till 1995
  • Played on NYC’s 107.5 WBLS with Bobby Konders learned about Reggae & Dancehall
  • Studied Recording Engineering @ NYC’s Institute of Audio Research
  • Learned about Sound systems, lighting and staging in the school of hard knocks
  • Started my own record label Enuma Recordings LLC
  • Streamed a Sunday Show (Axiom Studios) Luxury Music in 2008 – interviewed Tom Moulton, Josh Milan, MKL, John Davis (Body & Soul), Shelton Hayes, John Morales, Slam Mode, Abigail Adams (Moving Records), Danny Krivit and more
  • Held a private event called Essentials from 2009 till 2018
  • Produced music under Sinister Concepts, 2-Travelers, State of Mind, & Dream Generation.
  • Blessed to have played at Bass Core, Remy Lounge, Cheetah, Ohm, The Playground, BlackBox, Spaces, 909, Essentials, Military Park, The Octagon, Zanzibar
  • Hosted Luxury Music every Sunday & Off The Menu on
  • Friday Lunch Mix of Rare Grooves, Disco Boogie, Funk & Soul on
  • Currently hosting Thursdays All Vinyl Twitch Stream



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